How To Get Rid Of Storage Space Problem?

It normally happens that many business houses face a shortage of space to store their products. But, this problem can be effectively resolved by availing a suitable storage system. You find such storage in Singapore, which is ideal not only for business houses but also for individuals.

Locker storage:

Apart from this, households have a unique storage problem, and that is regarding storage of their valuables or other records. Such products require smaller space as compared to the needs of business enterprises. Therefore, to address such needs, the storage services have evolved unique locker storage units.

Types of storage spaces:

The extra space storage are available in different sizes. There are also air-conditioned and also deep freezer storage services, which are exclusively designed for storing perishable articles, medicines and such other products.

Allied services:

The services of storage in Singapore should not end with providing you storage services. The storage services should also provide you various other allied services. A brief introduction to such services is made here:

  • Security of your belongings is one of the very essential aspects that need careful consideration. Of course, storage services have around the clock security services. Yet, for foolproof safety, the storage services should provide you the benefit of locking the storage unit with your own padlock. In fact, some of the storage services have such facilities.
  • There are also storage services that provide you the truck services which enable to move the material directly to the storage unit. The truck services are available at a reasonable rental.
  • Another important allied service offered by the storage units is storage boxes and other accessories like sticky tape, bubble wrap and so on. Such products will enable you to securely pack the materials before moving them to the storage unit.

In addition to these, the storage space   services should provide you access to your materials at any time during the working hours.


Self Storage in Singapore-FAQ

What is Self Storage at is a self storage company that provides flexible units to customers. We provide all type of storage space facilities be it for business and personal with or without climate controlled units. We offer hassle free extra space storage facilities so that you have clutter free space living at your property.

Do you offer flexible size units?

Yes, at we feel free to change your self storage unit size with us! We have a wide range of self storage unit sizes to choose from, so you only have to pay for what you use, at no extra costs!

Who all can have access to my storage space?

You would be using your own secured lock for accessing the facility.It is recommended and highly advised that you don’t share it with anyone.However, if you are confident enough to divulge your unit number, key, and gate-code access to anyone as long as you’re comfortable with them accessing your unit;  you have get the person details listed with us in a form.

Basic Storage Space & Climate Controlled Storage- What is the difference?

When you want to give best protection to things that can get affected by the climate changes, you can book air conditioned storage in Singapore. These could be your wine, dress materials or anything on which humidity would have an effect.

 Do you provide Packaging and Moving services too?

Yes, we do have Retail online shop as well as  Express Truck service.

Self Storage at $S1.99 per Square feet

Self Storage units offer benefits that are unmatched. Here are just few:

  1. You just don’t have to have everything in your house. Less required could store away.
  2. Storage units are flexible. You only pay for the space we are using. Well, Store4you is currently offering extra space for 100 sq feet at $S1.99 per square feet only. GRAB IT!
  3. Rental is affordable with list of facilities in pocket.
  4. Your stuff would as fresh as you left. It would not stink. Climate-controlled units always come handy for precious things.

Packaging Tips for your Singapore Storage Space

  1. Making the optimum use of the storage solutions will definitely protect your belonging and make it easier for you find things when your return. Here are few helpful tips:
  2. Cover the furniture and appliances with cotton sheets. This would prevent scratches and dust accumulation.
  3. It is good to keep electronics or any musical devices in the front so they can be easily reached without any damage
  4. For important documents, pack them tightly sealed in waterproof packing. Please these items at the last of the unit so that they are easily accessible.
  5. Pack your books in boxes and make sure that they are not placed under anything heavy.
  6. Fragile items should be packed in plenty of bubble wrap or soft tissue paper.
  7. Lock the belongings with maximum security.

For more information about cheap storage space with utmost security, visit Store4you Pte Lts.

Self Storage- Just Pack Safe

A lot of changes have been witnessed in the self storage industry from past few years and this year too we can see the similar trends. You would hundreds of reasons to rent a storage unit. Sometimes it brings out a discussion that how advantageous it would be to use a spare room in your home-and the relative benefits of using it as a storage(if you have space) or getting a tenant to not paying self-storage fees.

Well, this thought comes up every time when one thinks to have storage space for rent in Singapore (Not only Singapore but to everyone at every place). Gosh! A story with everyone. But having an extra space to store your valuable and invaluable things is always a blessing. In case of storing things that are not so expensive and would not be used; would make you just toss the things in a unit and push into your storage room. The same is not a case with expensive and things close to your heart; you would be looking for an insurance coverage for the same with more of safety measures.

Take some time to develop a self storage plan that would be a worth an investment for you. Do not hush push the things in a hurry!

Storage Space For Rent – A Blessing For the Space Starved

Self Storage for Rent in SingaporeIf you live in a large metropolitan city, then space is one major constraint. If you consider Singapore, for instance, there is a limited scope for the city to expand laterally and only skyscrapers are the answer for building new homes and offices. So it is quite normal to find small 600square feet apartments in which 3-4 members of a family have to squeeze in. In such a predicament, you always wish you could take some storage space for rent in Singapore. Luckily, there are such facilities available at reasonable costs and storage space for rent can be hired for both short-term and long-term in Singapore, and for both individual purposes and commercial ones as well.

Types of Storage Available

The companies which offer storage space for rent in Singapore usually establish their facilities in many locations across Singapore, so that people from all districts can avail the facility closest to where they live. If you have items that you would want leave at a storage space for rent, you could look up the local listings online and then go across to the place. You will know what are the terms on which the space is being rented out. The normal practice is to earmark units of a standard size and if the stuff you have for storage is more, you may have to hire multiple units.

Rent Calculations and Offers

As mentioned, the rental storage space in Singapore would work on a per cubic feet rent per month basis. You will first have to do a little exercise to start with. Make a critical evaluation of the items, which is proving to be a hindrance in your current living place. Items that can be discarded should be thrown away instead preserving them as this can cost lots of money. The rest you can get packed in boxes (some storage space for rent firms even provide the boxes) and then call the storage company. Their representative will come and assess the items and give you a quote. You can then store them safely after paying a fee or rent.

Reasons to Rent Storage Units for Furniture

Extra Space in Singapore

Whether you are purchasing furniture for your future dream home or simply moving your late spring furniture for storage, there are numerous reasons to store your furniture. The storage business has developed a long ways throughout the last few years and there is a motivation behind why, it is on account of it offers an incredible answer for some individuals. Not just are storage spaces now accessible in very nearly every city except there are numerous different styles relying upon your needs.

The storage business went from being utilized for just bigger organizations, to being an extremely basic thing for the normal national to have and utilization. Not just do more up to date storage units offer an assortment of sizes yet they offer numerous different arrangements relying upon your need. It is imperative on the off chance that you are putting away furniture, particularly extremely decent furniture, for example, a calfskin couch or a classic rarity that you pick a storage unit that offers atmosphere control and a safe dry environment.

The purposes behind having a storage unit change from individual to individual. Whether it is somebody who has begun an online closeout business and needs more space or just somebody who is traveling for a time of time, the utilization of a storage space for furniture is turning into a more regular pattern.

Reasons why you may need  Singapore storage space for your furniture –

Traveling: If you have two homes or you are anticipating going for a developed time of time it is frequently a decent thought to put some of your more lavish furniture in storage. Not just does this spare you from stressing over your furniture from robbery or harm, yet keeping it in a controlled atmosphere will provide for you the capacity to spare cash on your bills, by not needing to high temperature your home or cool your home when you are away.

Legacy: Many individuals may inherit furniture from a relative who has passed away and have no space for it. Generally the furniture that one may have may be worth a considerable amount of cash and it is not a decent thought to discard such assets. Keeping this significant furniture in a storage space region is an incredible thought until you are prepared to make space for it or offer it.

Disasters: If you are in a region that experiences natural disasters, it might be savvy to move your furniture in a safe zone far from the conceivable calamity territory. Numerous residents that live in beachfront areas frequently rent a storage unit that is an hour or two far from the coast and store their resources there in the event of a typhoon. While ordinarily you can’t arrange ahead, with the late engineering it is not difficult to get ready for a hurricane and move your resources to this more unified area.

Marriage: Many more youthful wedded couples may get substantial cowhide couches or bunks that simply don’t fit in their current living circumstance. While they are holding up to buy their first home it is an extraordinary thought to keep these significant bits of furniture in storage, instead of attempting to stuff them into a little flat.

New Furniture: Many times you will get new furniture, however not have any desires to discard that love seat that you used heaps of cash on just 10 years prior. With individuals having the capacity to utilize online barters or sites to offer their utilized stock it would be astute to spare this furniture in a storage unit until you are prepared to offer it or offer it to a companion.