Wine- Self Storage Lockers

Are you a diehard believer in” Just like fine wine, you only get better with age.”? Well, we all have heard this statement a lot many times but there are few facts attached to wines:

  • All wines don’t age same. They are different in relation to aging.
  • Most Wines should be used immediately or shortly after purchase.
  • A long list of wines that lose their essence after number of year’s exception being RED WINE.
  • Red wine gets better with time.

At the same time you have wine community  or collectors in world that stores their wine at self storage units and preferably climate controlled ones. Collectors generally did not notice about the costs that are associated with wine storage in Singapore. Few factors should be considered while booking an extra space storage for your wine:

Storage Locker Area:   Storage unit’s fees are generally on monthly or hourly basis with a stated capacity. The real cost is solely dependent upon the amount of space you actually acquire and consume wine during the period. When it comes to wine storage in Singapore, you are just not paying for the square foot area but also space to get the wine and your bottles to be comfortably fine.

With Store4you Pte Ltd, you get the full advantage of storing your wine with us.

Value Time: With Store4you Pte Ltd, a collector never had the needs to rummage through the locker to find the desired bottle of wine or arrange them in the rack. It is all done at our end for you.

We’ve assisted our clients often in moving their wine from their current location into Store4you storage space. Give us a call to discuss the air-conditioned/climate controlled and secure wine storage options we have available to keep your fine wines safely stored in our wine storage


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