Storage Space For Rent – A Blessing For the Space Starved

Self Storage for Rent in SingaporeIf you live in a large metropolitan city, then space is one major constraint. If you consider Singapore, for instance, there is a limited scope for the city to expand laterally and only skyscrapers are the answer for building new homes and offices. So it is quite normal to find small 600square feet apartments in which 3-4 members of a family have to squeeze in. In such a predicament, you always wish you could take some storage space for rent in Singapore. Luckily, there are such facilities available at reasonable costs and storage space for rent can be hired for both short-term and long-term in Singapore, and for both individual purposes and commercial ones as well.

Types of Storage Available

The companies which offer storage space for rent in Singapore usually establish their facilities in many locations across Singapore, so that people from all districts can avail the facility closest to where they live. If you have items that you would want leave at a storage space for rent, you could look up the local listings online and then go across to the place. You will know what are the terms on which the space is being rented out. The normal practice is to earmark units of a standard size and if the stuff you have for storage is more, you may have to hire multiple units.

Rent Calculations and Offers

As mentioned, the rental storage space in Singapore would work on a per cubic feet rent per month basis. You will first have to do a little exercise to start with. Make a critical evaluation of the items, which is proving to be a hindrance in your current living place. Items that can be discarded should be thrown away instead preserving them as this can cost lots of money. The rest you can get packed in boxes (some storage space for rent firms even provide the boxes) and then call the storage company. Their representative will come and assess the items and give you a quote. You can then store them safely after paying a fee or rent.


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